What Can CyberPrism Do?

CyberPrism Assessments and Use Cases

Some Things CyberPrism Can Do

  • Cyber Inherent Risk
    The CyberPrism algorithm calculates the inherent cyber risk by profiling the cyber dependency of the business model, incorporating business and cyber intelligence
  • Cyber Maturity Assessment
    Facilitates a holistic cyber maturity assessment across and entire cyber security program.
  • Standards and Frameworks
    Cross maps all existing controls and deficiencies to the top 10 International standards and frameworks.
  • Analyses Risk
    Automatically analyses the risk versus maturity relationship and provides graphical dashboards of detaled results.
  • Maturity Roadmap
    Facilitates understanding current risk and maturity issues. Provides fast track maturity roadmap.
  • Reporting
    Produces numerous detailed, executive level and compliance regulatory reports in MS Word format. Content matching target audience.
  • Cyber Risk Management
    Numerous features facilitate enterprise risk management. Enabling organisations to monitor and manage all aspects of their cyber security program.
  • Global View
    Global cyber risk radar facilitates "scoping" and "grouping" various entities for analysis and management i.e. supply chain, regional groups.
  • Cyber Governance
    Provides executive level interface in order to understand current, historical and future risk profile and support an effective cyber governance model.
  • Cyber Strategy
    Enables organisations to develop an appropriate cyber strategy aligned with their business strategy and ambitions.