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CyberPrism Starter Pack

Want to know what CyberPrism is, what it does, how it works or why you would even need it? No problem! Get full access to the award-winning Cyber Assessment Tool that gives you the power to manage all of your new & ongoing assessments in one easy-to-use solution that provides you with complete holistic visibility over of your organisation as well as your 3rd-party entities' cyber security posture.

That sounds great, right? Get the CyberPrism Starter Pack today and sail through your next cyber assessment.

CyberPrism Starter Pack

Features included with the starter pack:

1 Assessment Scope

1 Manager Account

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Reports

On-Boarding Session

90-Days Access

Dedicated Account Manager

CyberPrism Support

Starting From: €5,000


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Check out some of the features:

Cyber Risk Radar

The Risk Radar quickly and simply displays all of your ongoing and completed assessments by colour coding them to help you quickly identify which entities need additional support.

Global Dashboard

The Global Dashboards assist the users by showing them a consolidated view of all scores achieved across all selected assessments. In addition there are Key Performance Indicators which compare your assessment scores at the end of each month to provide you with continuous performance metrics. Global Dashboards consists of multiple graphs and metrics for KPIs, Executive Overviews, Global Inherent Risks and Global Cyber Maturity across your entire organisation and/or third-parties.

Easy-to-Use Questionnaire

This easy-to-use question panel provides the users with the ability to add additional evidence and upload supporting documentation for each question. With powerful filters, users can easily discover and highlight specific areas that may require extra attention.

Cyber Assessment Results

Your results are based on a score of 0-999. As you answer questions, CyberPrism intelligently works out your Inherent Risk and tailors a score specific to your risk level by matching against compensating controls. With this score you can tell very quickly that you are mitigating your risks well or that you may need to invest more time and resources to help give you a better security posture.

Gap Analysis Control Panel

The Gap Analysis control panel offers users the ability to see where all the Residual Risks (Gaps) lie in their assessment. The interactive chart allows users to click on specific Domains which creates filters in the questions below displaying all Residual Risks in that Domain.
This helps users quickly filter to the areas they need to focus on the most, furthermore there is a Residual Risk button that immediately displays your overall Residual Risk. This feature identifies all of the areas that lacking compensating controls.