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The aviation sector faces significant, specific and targeted cyber threats. Understanding how to identify and manage the associated risks is a key to success and survival.

More info on Cyber Threat to the Aviation Sector Here


Join Paul C Dwyer, one of the world’s foremost authorities on cyber security, risk and privacy as he outlines the cyber threat landscape to the aviation sector. Utilising real life examples and war stories, Paul will explain the real-world aspects of how and why the aviation sector is a top target for cybercriminals and terrorists.

Paul will discuss the key issues the sector should be aware of and the key steps they can take to defend, protect and support innovation within their various enterprise models.

FOLLOW ON VIRTUAL EVENT: Following the Aviation Industry Cyber Security Briefing Held at the IAA conference Centre in Dublin on July 18th 2019 - There has been significant demand to hold a global briefing.

DATE: 18th Sep 2019

TIME (New York): 09:30-10:30

TIME (Dublin): 14:30-15:30

TIME (Abu Dhabi): 17:30-18:30

VENUE: Global Webinar via Zoom

NOTE: This event is strictly for the aviation sector. You will be contacted if your registration is accepted.

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